Theme Installation

Installing Alba is very simple and only takes a few seconds! After downloading you should have a file, found within the theme package zip. This is a compressed file containing all of the required templates and images required for the theme to function properly.

Upload the theme

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress menu
  2. Click on the Add New button
  3. Click on the Upload link
  4. Select the file
  5. Click Install Now

Activate the theme

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress menu
  2. Hover over the theme thumbnail and press the Activate button

This completes the installation.

Plugins Installation

After you are done installing the theme, you will be redirected to the getting started page where you will be able to install the recommended plugins.


Each option in the customizer is pretty self explanatory there and easy to use already, so we will just go through the sections in short so you can get an idea of the overall structure.


This is where you will find general options for the whole theme which includes the following:

  • Back to top - Enable or disable Back to top button
  • Parallax - Enable Parallax effect on featured images inside single posts or pages
  • Post Comments - Hide / unhide comments on all posts
  • Page Comments - Hide / unhide comments on all pages

Styling & Color

Options for fonts, colors and background can be found here:


  • Global Color
  • Header BG Color
  • Header Menu Link Color
  • Header Menu Link Hover Color
  • Header Social Color
  • Header Search Color


  • Global Font
  • Headings Font
  • Menu Font


  • Background Color
  • Background Image

Post Formats

Alba theme adds support for 6 post formats to give you plenty of ways to show content in the top section of your articles. You choose type by selecting format in the "Format" box on the right side when you edit or add a new post. Depending on which format you select, new options will appear below the large text field.

  • Standard - This is the default option. It will not automatically include a featured image at the top of the post, like the image format does. It's simply a standard post that shows article text.
  • Image - Same as Standard format except that it includes an icon on archive pages.
  • Audio - An embed field will appear for example soundcloud links.
  • Video - Shows an embed video at the top of the article. Field for link embed will appear once selected.
  • Gallery - Shows all images attached to the post as a slider at the top of the article. More details how to use will appear below once selected.
  • Quote - Shows the quote at the top of the article. Fields for Quote and Quote author will appear once selected.
  • Link - Shows the Link at the top of the article. Fields for Link Title and URL will appear once selected..


The Alba theme supports widgets out of the box.